Using the TFS Scrum Process Template

Like finding a needle in a haystack, below are links to the information most relevant during the implementation of the TFS Scrum Process template.

Microsoft How-To: Scrum for Everyone – Visual Studio Magazine


Application Lifecycle Management in Visual Studio

Sprint Burndown

  • horizontal axis shows days in a sprint
  • vertical axis measures the amount of work that remains to complete the tasks in a sprint
  • if you¬†divide a task into subtasks, specify hours only for the subtasks. ¬†These hours are rolled up as summary values for the parent task.

Sprint Burndown


  • raw data is from product backlog
  • horizontal axis represents sprints
  • vertical axis measures the backlog effort the team has reported as complete (shown in whatever u nit the team uses)
  • Requires:
    • Iteration and Area Paths are specified
    • Effort in PBI is accurate
    • State of each PBI is accurate


Test Cases

MSDN Article

  • Test Case Readiness Report
    • data is derived from the data warehouse.
  • Requires:
    • Iteration and Area Path values are specified
    • State of each Test case is accurate


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