Taking donations via your URJ Web website – Part 2

Joomla!In the last installation, you were introduced to Joomla’s Payment Form Component and how to configure it to accept online donations on your congregation’s website.  It’s relatively easy with the instructions I provided.

In that article, I briefly mentioned there are  three Components to be used for online payment functionality:

  1. Payment Form (by Ossolution Team) [does not support Campaigns]
  2. Joom Donation (by Ossolution Team) [similar functionality as Payment Form, but has extended functionality for Campaigns]
  3. RS Forms Pro (by RSJoomla) [fully customizable, requires creating from scratch and having URJ Admin install the PayPal Plug-In if you’re using PayPal),

Payment Form was covered in the last installation, so now let’s look at Joom Donation.

Do you need to manage donations by Giving Campaigns?

If no, then you can skip this article and use the Payment Form Component.  If you do, then Joom Donation is the Component for you.  Here is a diagram showing the intersections of functionality between those two Components


Things to Know

  1. The default layout of the form (order of fields and heading text, etc.) has some inconsistencies in sentence case and grouping of fields, of which you have no control without access to the PHP.  The developer’s native language is not English and it is obvious by some of the typos in the default form, which you will have to fix.
  2. Custom fields can be ordered to your choosing.

One thought on “Taking donations via your URJ Web website – Part 2

  1. Richard L. Goldwin

    I had started to create a donation page with Joom Donation. I’ve looked at the tutorial for Joom Donation on the URJ website but still find myself groping for answers and solutions.

    Following your posting and looking at your donation site it seems that Payment Form may actually be easier, although I have a few questions.
    1. What is the difference between campaigns and funds?
    2. How do you define various field types ( eg. G textbox, multiselect, dropdown) and if I choose to use them, how do I set it up after I make a choice?
    3. How do you turn off the thermometer graph (Joom Donation–campaigns)?
    4. You also say that you need Payment Form, Joom Donation and RSForm Pro but do not explain for an amateur like me (not even an Uncertified ScrumMaster).
    5. How would you extend this work to on-line payment and even responses to particular events?
    6. Is there a reasonably complete tutorial (book form or tutorial) that can answer these and other questions that may occur in the future?

    Thanks in advance for what ever tips you can share.

    Richard Goldwin (RLGoldie)
    web maven, Temple Shalom, Louisville KY

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