InfoPath – Introduction

The most amazing tool in the Microsoft Office 2003 suite, in my humble opinion. InfoPath is a tool to use to create cool automated forms.

I’m not a developer. I don’t know .NET, Javascript, or any other programming language. I’m just a process junkie who likes to put these tools to work to help me do my job more efficiently and economically.

InfoPath, in its 2003 incarnation, made great strides in giving forms authors flexibility and control.

  1. Design a form. Use all sorts of cool buttons, controls, and other UI elements.
  2. Define data connections. Data connections are the conduits through which the data in your forms gets submitted to someone or something. You can connect to Sharepoint forms libraries, Web services, or other databases. I don’t work much with Web services because, like I said, I’m not a developer and haven’t had access to the administrator console.
  3. Provide Submit buttons to allow users to send forms to:
  • Users via email (one or many)
  • Sharepoint lists so you can keep track of the forms, requests, or whatever animal you create.

The Help system in InfoPath is abysmal at best. The InfoPath Microsoft Newsgroup is very helpful.