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For a definition of RSS

RSS is a great way to have web content centralized so that when you have catch-up time you don’t have to visit numerous websites. There are many feed readers available and I have chosen to use the extension available for my browser.

To find an RSS feed reader that works for you, Google “RSS feed reader.”

I use the Chrome browser and the RSS Feed Reader plug in.

How to Follow an RSS Feed

Time needed: 5 minutes.

The steps below provide instruction on how to find and follow RSS feed(s) using a Chrome browser and the RSS Feed Reader plug in. This instructions assumes you have already installed both .

  1. Find the content to which you want to subscribe

    If, while visiting a website, you decide you’d like to stay up-to-date with new content, copy the URL. Or, if you don’t know an exact URL

  2. Click the RSS icon found in your Chrome browser

    This opens the RSS Feed Reader window.

  3. Click the + sign in the right corner of the RSS Feed Reader window.

    This step opens the Feed Reader website.

  4. Enter website URL or a search word/term to which you want to subscribe

    In the Search field enter either the URL of a website, or a specific RSS url, or you can enter a search term, or browse curated categories.

  5. Click the Follow button

    Click the Follow button for one or more sites you’d like to follow. The site will take a moment to gather what it needs and, if successful, the button will change to “Following.”

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