Retrospectives as an opportunity to work on yourself

Today was the end of our sprint and culminated with a retrospective.  The law of humanity states that having a sour apple in your bushel shouldn’t be a significant surprise; with mine being no exception.  Regardless of what technique I use, one team member will stonewall, then set the garbage can on fire and leave the room.   This individual relentlessly brings his issues to the sprint event and remains on the periphery, never fully investing in the team.   I have to wonder if this isn’t  more prevalent with public institutions?  My apologies for the judgment.

When your hands are tied, the best way to approach this challenge is to look at it as an opportunity to work on yourself.  I am in the midst of reading “Everything is Workable: A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution” and the timing couldn’t be perfect.  The universe works that way.   I view the challenge as a blessing to exercise what I’m learning through this self-study.  Since retrospectives are great opportunities for conflict resolution, capitalize on it to work on yourself.

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