Madcap Flare – List Tips

Change <li> to <P> while staying in the list

Oftentimes within a list you might want to add a paragraph to an existing list item without creating the next iteration of the list item. Pressing <enter> gives you the next iteration. Here’s how to convert it to a paragraph:

  1. Create the new paragraph by pressing Enter.
  2. Hover over the <li> tag in the Show BlocksIf the Show Blocks pane is not visible, click the Show Blocks button from the topic toolbar. pane on the left until your pointer changes to a pointing hand.
  3. Right-click and select Mark as Paragraph. This will create a <p> tag. Unfortunately, the <li> tag is still there so the item has the list graphic (or number, if an ordered list).
  4. To get rid of the list graphic, go to the end of the previous line and press the Delete key.

Leave <li> and change to <P>

You can end a list by simply pressing Shift+Tab.

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