Enjoying Library Books On Your Mobile Device – [1] Go to Library

This is the 2nd post in a series titled “Enjoying Library Books On Your Mobile Device”.

digital library
Finding and borrowing an e-book begins with browsing to your library’s digital website.

Remember … this isn’t the standard website for your library; it’s a special one specifically for digital content.

  1. Go to your library’s digital website.  Find it here.
  2. Bookmark the website so you don’t have to go to overdrive.com the next time you want to visit.
  3. Log in.  Using your library credentials, log into the website.  You will then see custom content such as “recommended” titles based on your borrowing history.

Go to Library

The e-book series: OVERVIEW1- Go toLibrary –2- Find A Book –3- Found A Book –4- Download > Read > Return

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