“I Wish I Had Known That About Joomla!” – Joomla! How Stuff Shows Up on your Website

Intended Audience:  Beginning Joomla! Administrators

One of the most confusing things about Joomla is understanding the hierarchy of its pieces and how they all work together.

There are Articles, those things that are created by users with a word processor-like interface, but then how do Articles actually make it on to the website?  The answer is one of two ways:

  1. Menu Items – Menu Items are the individual items you see on a Menu.  Simple.  The simplest implementation of a Menu Item is configuring it to display a “single article.”  There are many
  2. Modules – Modules are, in simplest terms, objects assigned to specific sections of real estate on a web page.  The modules can be associated with basic Joomla’ features or features installed via third-part plug-ins.


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