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DynamicsThis post is about technology related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and contains facts as they relate to the 2016 Online version, but may also apply to earlier versions.

What is an Activity?

Activities are types of records in Microsoft Dynamics related to things having the dimension of time and involve people performing the activity.  These include things like:

  • Telephone Call
  • Task
  • Email
  • Letter
  • Appointment

There are OOTB Activity entities, as listed above, and when creating a custom entity you can specify it as an Activity entity, which causes it to include unique attributes.


Attributes Unique to an “Activity” Entity

  • Party – the people involved in the Activity
  • Subject – the subject of the Activity.  This is the primary key.
  • Regarding – the entity to which the Activity is related.  This can be any entity which has been configured as an Activity; such as, Account, Contact, Case, etc.
  • Dates
    • Scheduled Start
    • Scheduled End
    • Actual Start
    • Actual End
    • Scheduled Duration
    • Actual Duration
  • Parties
    • To
    • From
    • CC
    • BCC
    • Organizer
    • Resources
    • Customers
    • Required Attendees
  • Left Voice Mail 
  • Status Reasons
    • Open
    • Completed
    • Cancelled
    • Scheduled


Other than the unique attributes, there are other downstream implications when creating an Activity entity.  These are detailed in the next post Understanding Activities And Their Unique Powers.

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