Creating a Logo for Your Dynamics CRM Theme


Below you learn how to create a custom logo for your Dynamics CRM instance using a layered Photoshop file. I have provided the DynamicsLogo.psd below in order to make quick work of it so you can get back to the fun of customization.

I use the word instance with great intention as opposed to Solution.  The reason is that the Theme applies to the entire instance, not just one Solution within the instance

Modify Text in Photoshop

1.  Open the DynamicsLogo.psd file provided below.

2.  Click the eye icon on the left side of Layer 1.  The layer’s black background is now displayed so you can see the white text you’re creating.  We’ll turn it off before saving so the image can be displayed on any dark background.




3.  Click in the middle of the text you want to change.  You must click within the text; otherwise, you will create an additional text box, which is not what you want.


4.  Change the text to display what you want to show in the logo.

5.  When done making the change, click the checkmark from the button bar.


6.  Repeat steps 3 thru 5 for the Line 2 text.

7.  When done making your changes, Save As a PNG file.

Upload to Dynamics

1.  Click Settings > Customization > Themes.

2.  Select the theme you want to change.

3.  Click the search icon in Logo field.




  • One Line?  If you don’t want two lines, drag the Text 2 layer to the trash can shown at the bottom of the Layers panel, then center the Text 1 layer so it fills the space you desire.
  • Image with or without text?  To insert an image, simply place it and size it within the size of the image.

download168Download DynamicsLogo.psd 




If you need help modifying this file, consider hiring my son who has an undergraduate degree from one of the top art schools in the country and isn’t earning a living wage.  He’ll do a quick tweak with the font of your choice for $25 USD.  Send me an email if this is your desire.

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