“I Wish I Had Known That About Joomla!” – Articles Category vs. Menus

Intended Audience: Beginning Joomla! Administrators


An Articles Category module and a Menu achieve similar results, a list of clickable items displayed in a specific position on your Website’s page.

When standing up the Or-Ami website, we started off creating sub-menus with the perspective of using the main menu along the top as a top-level category of information so-to-speak, and sub-menus the next level of grouping. This becomes a challenge when you’re content at the 2nd level often changes.  If that is your scenario, then an Articles Category is better suited for the task.

Here are some things to consider when deciding between an Articles Category and a Menu.

  1. Do your clickable items on the menu change often?  If yes, then choose an Articles Category module item to display your menu.
  2. Will your article titles make good menu item labels?  If yes, then choose an Articles Category module; otherwise create a Menu.
  3. If you want to include *all* articles within a category on your menu, then choose an Articles Category module; otherwise if only some articles within a category are to be listed, create a Menu with Menu Items to the specific articles you want to include.

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