Our Stories

Debra Silbert

LinkedIn LogoI spent my entire professional career in “corporate” America and the public sector helping companies build technology solutions as a system analyst, developer, process expert, and trainer.

In 2018 I decided it was time to do something different.  I wanted to find ways to contribute to society and live according to my rhythm.

With our blended family of six children all grown and on their own, my husband and I moved to a warmer climate; I spent a year renovating our new old mid-century home; I fell into an efficient process of managing a personal real estate portfolio; and along the way I found my passion for gardening.

Then I recognized the need to help small businesses succeed in the culture of big-box take-overs.   Drawing on my career-spanning work in the technology arena, I formed a small business consulting practice to help make sense of the pace of technology and what makes the most sense to adopt.

Now-a-days I am happy to say I move to my own rhythm.  I take great pride in helping business owners fine tune their operations so they can find their own rhythm and make their unique contributions to the world.

The Team

Throughout my career I have come across a few amazing colleagues and continue to work with them to provide amazing services.  We happen to be all women and take extreme pride in the level of expertise and understanding we bring to the table.

Gargi VarmaGargi Varma


Suzanne Launer

Suzanne Launerhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/suzanne-l-19447643/