Where to start to seek the truth about U.S. Policy

The 2016 United States election has driven home the need for unbiased, reliable, and truthful sources of information.  We simply can’t sit back and be fed info nuggets from the media giants who are bought and paid for by politicians.  We must be responsible for investing the time and effort to find our own truth so that we can make informed decisions reflecting our personal ideologies and morality.  Not all of us have the luxury of time, so here are some places to start.

This post is a collection of Internet sites which have been suggested as meeting the “smell” test according to me.  It’s as comprehensive as the information I have at the time.  I would like to grow this list, so please submit your suggestion for additions.

Tear up for tear drop

Today is the beginning of our journey with a Littleguy teardrop trailer. “The check is in the mail.”  The order has been placed.  It will be birthed (built) the last week in June with a delivery date scheduled first week in July.