Fear of failing in your business is terrifying

Stack the deck in your favor with good accounting, good computer systems, and good advice.

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Keep Your Books Current´╗┐

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Know If You’re Profitable´╗┐

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Set Up Your Systems

Finances in a state of disarray is risky to your business health and your mental health

Unless you’re in technology as a profession, you didn’t go into business to sit at a computer frustrated and worried that you’re not profitable

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Know Your Finances

Keeping your books current is the key to being in the driver’s seat

  • Customers – Sales Receipts, Invoices, Deposits, A/R
  • Vendors – Expenses, Bills, Purchase Orders, A/P
  • Payroll
  • Bank Reconciliation
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Know if Your Profitable

If you’re not profitable then you’re running an expensive hobby.

Financial statements are your friend. How to price your product, why you’re cash poor — answers are all in the financial statements.

You’ll learn how to use them to make important decisions about your financial matters.

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Set Up Your Systems

Setting up your accounting and point-of-sale systems to work smoothly and seamlessly is essential to minimizing the amount of time it takes you to get an answer.

You get the benefit of 25 years of our technology experience to recommend and implement smart systems.

When your books are current and your systems optimized, you’re empowered to make good business decisions.

We’ll help you select and implement solutions that solve your business needs without tying you in technology knots; solutions that are simple and based on solving real problems and tracking toward real goals. This includes the best-in-class cloud-based accounting with complimentary supporting tools.

We also have expertise in accounting for e-commerce sellers.

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Picking a Trusted Advisor is Tough

Picking an accountant to become your trusted advisor may feel like a crap shoot; you don’t know if you can trust this person, whether they know what they’re doing, or how much it will cost. We have a way to help you make a smart decision.


Review Books

We’ll do a review of your financial records to assess where you are. The flat fee for this review is $150 — no surprises.


Deliver Report

We’ll then deliver you a report of the strengths and weaknesses found.


Good Fit?

As we get to know each other during this review, we will have information to help us determine if it’s a good fit going forward. If it is, the $150 will be applied toward future service fees. If it isn’t, we can recommend other resources to contact and you have the report to share.

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