Small Business System Automation

Partnering with you to help you select and set up practical systems to run your business.

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A goals/strengths/weaknesses assessment to help plan best next steps. With this clear view, prioritization is possible to help figure out where it makes the most sense to focus your attention.

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Set Up

Using results from the assessment, we work with you to set up the minimum systems to get your business off the ground: website, social media, and bookkeeping. We then help you prioritize the work remaining for the rest: sales, marketing, and customer relationship management.

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Clean Up

If you started by the seat of your pants and now need help cleaning things up, we help you baseline your systems and operations.

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DIY Training

Once your core systems are set up and you have the time to invest in learning, our training services include — a little or a lot — about how your systems work and how you can maintain them on your own.

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Ongoing Maintenance

Once your systems are serving your basic needs, our ongoing maintenance services help you stay current with the rapid pace of technology.

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